JS. Sedam

Born in Hicksville, OH

Lives & works in Albany, NY


Facility Management

Work with university personnel and sub-contractors as needed to service the museum’s physical plant, including facility upgrades, janitorial services, security alarm technicians, campus security officers, electricians, painters, and HVAC engineers. . Implement safety inspections and routine maintenance for all museum lifts and manned platforms.

Responsible for the organization of the museum’s physical space, including galleries, offices, catalog inventories, storage facilities, Fine Art Collections and workshops. Maintain standards of safety: code enforcement, access, construction and hot work permits and fire safety. Supervise the physical preparation, provide AV/PA tech support and staffing for public programming and special events. Act as a liaison with guest artists, speakers, performers, support services and maintain cleanliness throughout the museum. Order supplies, monitor and schedule repairs and upgrades for all museum spaces including Fine Art Collection / exhibition furniture, and tools.



Responsible for all preparation, installation and de-installation of museum’s exhibitions.   Works directly with curators, artists, and exhibition designer to reach stated goals of the exhibition.

Coordinate and performs incoming and outgoing shipments of art objects borrowed for exhibition purposes.

Oversee all phases of art handling.  Responsible for packing and unpacking of artworks.  Work with the museum registrar to issue condition reports, and produce photographic record of incoming art as needed.  Mat and frame artwork as needed. Collaborate with and provide support to the Collections Department for the installation of works from the permanent collection on campus; coordinate and perform inventory checks on the collection campus wide.  Collaborate with museum staff to consider risk management issues.

Responsible for scheduling and execution of construction projects as needed for each exhibition. Responsible for building crates, pedestals, display cases and temporary wall units.

Responsible for all aspects of facility preparation including painting, cleaning and lighting.  Install museum graphics, signage, label text, and public information panels.

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