Stomach, Heart, Head, and Back

Starting off with a poem I've held onto for years. The Invention of Fractions

God himself made the whole numbers: everything else is the work of man

- Leopold Kronnecker

God created the whole numbers: the first born, the seventh seal, Ten Commandments etched in stone, the Twelve Tribes of Israel - Ten we've already lost. Forty days and forty nights, Saul's ten thousand and David's ten thousand. Be of one heart and one mind, the whole numbers, the counting numbers.

It took humankind to need less than this; to invent fractions, percentages, decimals. Only humankind could need the concepts of splintering and dividing, of things lost or broken, of settling for the part instead of the whole.

Only humankind could find the whole numbers, infinite as they are, to be wanting; though given a limitless supply, we still had no way to measure what we keep in our many chambered hearts.

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